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Something homeowners don’t realise is that an air-conditioning system doesn’t have to be a feature of every home. While some people might be holding onto memories of yellowing fans in older homes that only push air to a certain part of the room, the reality is that ineffective and unattractive fans are a thing of the past.


Instead, today’s ceiling fans are highly effective and stylish additions to any home, and present an outstanding proposition in comparison to power-hungry cooling systems. With almost every Australian searching for savings as the cost of living soars, including electricity prices, it’s time to get clever about spending choices.

What’s great about today’s high-tech fans is that they do a fantastic job of cooling a space, but use a fraction of the energy compared to air-conditioning systems — making them a sustainable addition to your home as well as one that’s financially savvy. If you already have air-conditioning installed, then the addition of fans can significantly reduce the need for turning it on, which adds up to big savings long-term — for the environment and your bank balance — making ceiling fans the perfect choice for people with an environmental conscience.

Haiku ceiling fans by Big Ass Fans are a perfect choice. The company goes to extraordinary lengths to understand the engineering of airflow products and create energy-efficient solutions that have maximum impact. A powerful combination of design and performance, the efficient and whisper-quiet brushless DC motor of the Haiku delivers powerful airflow while using only a small amount of energy to cool your home. In fact, to run a Haiku fan 24/7 costs an average of $14.88 per year based on current energy prices, while air-conditioning units cost upwards of $2505. Servicing of a fan costs $110 annually compared to around $1200 for an air-conditioning unit. These are dramatic savings, to say the least.

Engineered with cutting-edge built-in smart home technology, the Haiku ceiling fans are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so they can switch themselves on and off at scheduled times, while motion sensors mean they can modify their speed when they sense more or less people in a room. Available in 1.3m, 1.5m and 2.1m diameters, the cleverly designed blade means the fans can scoop up large amounts of air and slowly push it down where it’s needed most — meaning you can have your Haiku fan on low (further decreasing your energy usage) and still feel a powerful cooling breeze.

Handcrafted with premium materials into a sleek aesthetic and the winner of more than 75 international design awards, they are perfect as an indoor feature fan for living rooms and master bedrooms, and an essential accessory for covered outdoor spaces. The Haiku Universal Mount is a great option for ceilings between 3.2m and 4m high. For low, flat ceilings between 2.4m and 3.4m, Haiku’s Low-Profile Mount is your go-to, and for pitched ceilings or heights outside of this range, there are specific optional drop-tube kits.

Rather than being stuck onto a ceiling purely as a functional tool like the fans of old, the Haiku fan presents as an elegant addition to your design aesthetic, blending in with five different finishes in sleek bamboo or aircraft-grade aluminium. Add an optional LED light for luxurious illumination and you’re all set for entertaining or relaxing in comfort. For added peace of mind, all Haiku ceiling fans for residential homes come with a five-year warranty for indoor fans or a three-year warranty for outdoor fans. Find the entire Haiku range at Heat & Grill Richmond in Melbourne, or at the Big Ass Fans showroom in Brisbane. You can also browse the website and tune into the Big Ass Fans podcast for more information visit bigassfans.com/au/haiku/ 

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