Eden Academy Pioneers Health and Safety with Panasonic's Nanoe™X Technology

Prioritizing the health and safety of their little ones is a paramount concern for all Australian parents. However, the risk of harmful bacteria and viruses spreading within early learning environments poses challenges to ensuring their wellbeing.



In recognition of this, Eden Academy has joined forces with Panasonic to incorporate its distinctive nanoe™X air purification technology in the recently opened Loganlea early learning centre in Queensland. This collaboration places Eden Academy at the forefront of implementing efficient air purification methods to foster the wellbeing of its children, parents, and staff. The initiative actively cultivates a cleaner and fresher environment, promoting a thriving community.

Eden Academy has joined forces with Panasonic

Alfa Air and Electrical has successfully deployed 45 Panasonic ceiling cassettes at Eden Academy’s Loganlea facility. The early learning centre is now equipped with Panasonic’s groundbreaking nanoe™X technology, designed to actively purify the air and surfaces within a room. Operating round the clock, nanoe™X employs OH radicals enclosed in water to deter microorganisms, including an impressive 99 per cent reduction in bacteria and viruses. It also inhibits mould, allergens, and pollen, while effectively minimizing odours.

Alfa Air and Electrical installed 45 Panasonic ceiling cassettes at Eden Academy’s

Jordan Purvis, Managing Director of Alfa Air and Electrical, said they were pleased to deliver greater confidence to their customer, who can all enjoy a breath of true fresh air every time they are on site. “Even before the Loganlea centre was opened, Eden Academy were focused on ensuring the early learning environment they created was as safe as possible for their staff and their community of young children. Through the planning process and discussions, they recognised early on that Panasonic’s ceiling cassette air conditioning systems, with nanoe™X air purification technology, would be the best fit and deliver the greatest benefit,” said Mr Purvis.

“Knowing Panasonic’s nanoe™X air purification technology is active all the time, even when the cooling or heating system is not in operation, provides comfort and assurance that Eden Academy have a clean and safe early learning environment.”

Prioritizing flexibility and convenience, Eden Academy has embraced Panasonic’s cutting-edge Comfort Cloud App to manage its comprehensive ducted air conditioning and purification system. This intelligent app provides effortless control over airflow direction, fan speed, room temperature, and the ability to switch between specific heating or cooling modes remotely from any location.

 adopted Panasonic’s innovative Comfort Cloud App

To minimize disruption and inconvenience, the Comfort Cloud App also showcases error code notifications. This feature enables Eden Academy to promptly and effortlessly assess if any faults have occurred within its units.

“Maintaining a consistent and constant temperature in our early learning environment is incredibly important. Not only does the Comfort Cloud App offer greater control for each room across their centre, whether they want to turn on the heating, cooling or solely the air purification feature, it is as easy as one click,” said Mr Purvis.

the Comfort Cloud App also displays error code notifications

Michael Tate, Trade Marketing Manager HVAC Group at Panasonic said: “It is no surprise that young children can transmit harmful bacteria and viruses, whether that be in an indoor learning environment or in the playground. Subsequently, prioritising health and wellbeing as they return to indoor environments is critical. We were proud to work with Eden Academy to introduce our revolutionary nanoe™X technology in its centre and ultimately deliver greater peace of mind for both parents and staff.”

“Drawing on our years of experience and knowhow in air conditioning and purification, we’re equally pleased to offer Eden Academy a smarter and more convenient way to control its air conditioning system anytime, anywhere,” said Mr Tate.

Panasonic’s nanoe™X technology is available now in a broad range of air conditioning products to suit both residential and commercial applications, as well as a standalone retrofit solution. For more information or to request a quote, visit: https://www.panasonic.com/au/nanoe/

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Eden Academy Pioneers Health and Safety with Panasonic's Nanoe™X Technology

Eden Academy has joined forces with Panasonic to incorporate its distinctive nanoe™X air purification technology in the Loganlea ...

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