Adding refinement to homes with fine texture cladding

Transforming Australian modern home design, James Hardie has launched their latest innovation, Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding, a fibre cement wall panel embedded with a fine texture to create a contemporary aesthetic.

Each panel has a beautiful consistent texture and its series of subtle vertical joints add clean lines and geometric precision to a home’s exterior.


With the design essentials of a modern home focusing on form, texture and colour, Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding provides all the elements for a modern minimalist look, creating endless design possibilities and a striking façade.

“The façade is your first impression of a home, your welcome and a glimpse of the family that lives within and their values. It is incredibly important to get the scale and materiality right here to make sure you are coming home to an inviting space that you want to be in,” says Rebeka Morgan from BuildHer Collective.

Rebeka Morgan and Kribashini Hannon from BuildHer Collective love building and renovating, and empower women to build the home of their dreams by understanding what’s possible.  As experts in the renovation space, they have amassed a large following of women undertaking the journey of building or renovating, sharing information and insights on building materials, technical information and understanding why you would select one product over another. More recently, they have seen the increased popularity for modern homes.

Alongside recent research by James Hardie shows that the majority of Australian homeowners in the process of building or renovating are opting for a modern home, embracing contemporary design with its clean, sleek lines and deliberate use of texture.  In a move away from the busyness of traditional brick walls and the busy lines of some cladding styles, homeowners are looking for modern materials to create design diversity to reflect their style and tastes.

One of the signature elements for a modern home are flat textured exterior walls.  The matte appearance of the walls highlights the shape of the house, and provides a neat and uniform finish. When renovating or building a new house, there’s a range of cladding options that can be overlayed with cement render or texture paint to achieve the flat textured look, however, because the texture isn’t embedded the finish and quality can vary as it’s dependent on the skills of the applicator, and over time, render requires maintenance as it can crack and peel.

According to Rebeka, one of the biggest mistakes that she sees is people trying to mix too many materials or making decisions that will not stand the test of time. She believes that the secret is in choosing a simple palette and sticking with up to three beautiful materials and letting the form tell the story.

“When we are building, we are always weighing up many factors, the aesthetic properties, cost, ease of installation and lifecycle, durability and maintenance of products. Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding is a great product to install for both renovations and new builds, being a lightweight alternative to bricks, the cladding is pre-textured, pre-sealed and can be painted in any colour of choice. As it is made of fibre cement, this means it is both easy to install and durable in our harsh conditions.  It’s a fantastic option as it hits each of those pain points and offers a great solution.”

Images via James Hardie

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