Architect Takashige Yamashita's Boutique Hotel Entrance in Japan

Nestled along the picturesque hillside leading to Mount Fuji from Gotemba, Shizuoka, the ‘Reception on the Ridge’ is a remarkable architectural creation by Takashige Yamashita Office.

This unassuming yet distinctive building serves as the welcoming gateway to a sprawling landscape adorned with hotel lodges.


Situated within a serene, wooded enclave, the site offers breathtaking vistas of a tranquil forest stream, with the iconic volcano, Mount Fuji, providing a majestic backdrop. At the heart of this idyllic location, the client’s vision to establish an array of dwellings found its perfect expression in the form of this central annex, the reception.

Takashige Yamashita’s design for the ‘Reception on the Ridge’ harmonizes seamlessly with its natural surroundings, embodying a sense of both simplicity and uniqueness. The architect’s vision was to create a structure that not only welcomes guests but also becomes an integral part of the breathtaking landscape.

The entrance to the boutique hotel is a testament to Yamashita’s talent for marrying contemporary design with the tranquillity of nature. The building’s materials and colours blend effortlessly with the wooded environment, evoking a sense of harmony and peace. The choice of materials reflects a commitment to sustainability, as locally sourced wood and other eco-friendly elements were used in its construction.

The ‘Reception on the Ridge’ not only serves as the gateway to the hotel but also as a central hub for the entire development. Its design allows it to function as a communal space where guests can gather, socialize, and soak in the natural beauty that surrounds them. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide uninterrupted views of the forest and Mount Fuji, allowing guests to feel connected to nature at all times.

Yamashita’s approach to this project reflects a deep understanding of the relationship between architecture and its environment. By creating a boutique hotel entrance that seamlessly integrates with the natural beauty of the location, he has ensured that guests have an immersive and unforgettable experience from the moment they arrive.

Takashige Yamashita’s ‘Reception on the Ridge’ in Japan is a testament to the architect’s ability to create a harmonious blend of modern design and the natural world. As the gateway to a boutique hotel development, it not only welcomes guests but also invites them to connect with the stunning landscape that surrounds them, making it a truly unique and unforgettable entrance.

Images by Kai Nakamura via designboom

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