Beaumont Tiles' Luminous Grout

Beaumont Tiles has introduced the new Global Green Tag Certified Luminous Grout range, a product poised to revolutionise tiling for both DIY enthusiasts and professional tilers.

This innovative grout is making waves with its cutting-edge formulation and an impressive palette of 16 designer colours, tailored to meet the demands of modern renovation projects.


The Luminous Grout stands out due to its efflorescence-free technology and a respirable crystalline silica-free mixture. This combination provides significant advantages over traditional cement-based grouts, ensuring that projects not only look pristine but also maintain their integrity over time. Trevor Grindley, Beaumont Tiles’ Product Category Manager, expressed excitement about the launch, emphasizing the grout’s ability to match seamlessly with the company’s Home Kitkat tile range. This alignment allows for the creation of cohesive and aesthetically pleasing feature walls.

One of the standout features of Luminous Grout is its ultra-smooth finish, which simplifies the application and cleaning process. Additionally, its rapid-setting nature ensures uniform colour distribution, allowing homeowners and professionals to enjoy their completed projects sooner. The grout’s long-term performance is enhanced by its colour retention and anti-fading properties, which keep the initial sparkle intact for years.

Moreover, Luminous Grout is designed with health and safety in mind. It boasts mould and water resistance, essential for maintaining clean and hygienic surfaces, especially in wet areas like bathrooms. Its low volatile organic compound (VOC) content aligns with the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star IEQ-13 requirements, promoting healthier indoor environments.

For those looking to create stunning visual effects, Grindley suggests pairing the Home Kitkat Honey Emboss Gloss Tile with Travertine as a bathroom feature wall. Complementing this with a soft white marble floor and a light wooden vanity can transform a bathroom into a serene sanctuary.

The grout’s suitability extends beyond conventional applications. It is appropriate for use in swimming pools without any additives and can handle tile joints up to 20mm wide (8mm for white tiles). Additionally, it is shrinkage compensated, fortified with polymers to prevent cracking, and exhibits high abrasion resistance. These attributes ensure a smooth finish with flush joints, reducing the accumulation of dirt and enhancing the overall cleanliness and durability of tiled surfaces.

Beaumont Tiles’ Luminous Grout is not just a product; it is a comprehensive solution for modern tiling needs, offering both aesthetic appeal and robust performance. Whether you are a DIY renovator or a professional tiler, this grout promises to deliver exceptional results, making your tiling projects easier and more enjoyable.

Images via Beaumont Tiles

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