Relaxation meets fantasy in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed space

Based around Louis Carroll’s iconic ‘Alice in Wonderland’ story ‘Green Massage’ Madang Road is a space filled with wonderment and fantasy, as if you’ve really jumped down the ‘rabbit hole’ and landed in Wonderland itself.

The process gradually disconnects your tired body from reality, unconsciously surrounded by the natural, and reorganizes a new sensory experience. The consciousness of awareness is gradually liberated and relaxed.


‘Green massage’ Madang Road, is in the comprehensive commercial property of a prominent big red building in the center of Shanghai, designed by Jean Nouvel. When you enter the building from the street, you are instantly immersed in this special environment. But the massage space is devoid of the type of bright lights or large open windows of surrounding restaurants. A quiet and relaxing atmosphere is the basic tone of the massage space. The store is not in a particularly conspicuous place, located on the open second basement floor, so we turned the defect into an advantage, creating the entrance just as the “rabbit hole”. We covered the entrance with large green plants, lit by glowworm lights. Upon entering the cave, dim lights and oversized fantasy flowers lead you into the garden area.

In the story “Alice in Wonderland”, the Mad Hatter and guests were drinking afternoon tea in the garden, which lends to the concept of the waiting area. The guest’s senses are already immersed in the “play”. The dancing glowworm lighta in the massage area guides you into a deeper maze of fascinating flowers. The gradient light becomes the stage spotlight of the cave, designed by Vera Chu and Chia Huang Liao,. Irregular mirrors once again reflect the fantastic feeling of a dreamlike world. Our goal is to allow the tired body and mind to relax and stretch through the layers of immersion.

In the end, Alice found herself through the dream world, and at ‘green massage’ Madang Road, and Creative Director of Kuang Ming(Ray) Chou of Vermilion Zhou Design Group  has managed to create a “rabbit hole” alongside interior designers – Garvin Hung, Yue Hu, Reykia Feng, Chang Song Li, Yu Xuan Li and Ming Rui Gao to lead you out of the stress and tension of an incongruous reality with non-incongruous comfort and tolerance.

Images by Yunpu Cai


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