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Now you can locate your dream kitchen wherever you want it. The kitchen is the cornerstone of many home designs – and not just in the main living area of the home. Amazing kitchens are now being built in alfresco areas, granny flats and guest suites – even in garages or ‘man caves’.

Sadly, plumbing challenges often get in the way of builders or renovators achieving their dream design outcome. You may have been told that your dream kitchen is too far from the plumbing mains. Perhaps you’ve planned a kitchen that’s below the level of the mains. Or maybe the task of achieving a traditional plumbing outcome is too destructive, complex or expensive.

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Now you’re wondering how you can ever achieve the outcome you really want – without spending the kids’ inheritance. Enter Saniflo Sanivite®.

Saniflo Sanivite is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art plumbing solution that allows you to situate your brand new kitchen in locations too hard or expensive to plumb using traditional techniques. Sanivite is a quiet, state-of-the-art, concealable pump system that can lift waste water up to 5 metres in height or up to 50 metres horizontally – easily reaching your nearest plumbing mains. And because it enables the use of small diameter uPVC waste pipes (25mm), it minimises the amount of disruption to existing structures.

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It brings your dream of an island kitchen, a kitchenette, an alfresco or outdoor kitchen or a basement kitchen into design and cost reality. Simply put, the location of your kitchen is now limited only by your imagination. Sanivite is superbly reliable and quiet and can be easily hidden away under the sink (or in any other kitchen cabinet). Sanivite will accept kitchen and dishwasher waste, comes with a 2 year warranty and can operate with water temperatures of up to 60 degrees.

Best of all, the time and money you save can be invested in buying the luxury kitchen appliances you’ve always dreamed of. So no matter where you plan to put your kitchen, remember, nothing is impossible with Saniflo Sanivite.

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