Stomping Ground Brewery is a fusion of industrial charm and community spirit

In the heart of an outer suburban industrial and residential enclave, Stomping Ground Brewery, designed by the renowned studio Y + PlaceFormSpace, stands as a testament to architectural ingenuity and a celebration of community inclusivity.

The challenge was clear: create a space that mirrors the vibrant energy of its inner-city counterpart, seamlessly blending into its unique surroundings.


The architects meticulously navigated the existing conditions and structure of the building, ensuring that the large site felt both intimate and open-plan. By incorporating minimal finishes inspired by the original factory, the design exudes a contemporary industrial ambiance. This thoughtful approach was crucial in establishing a welcoming atmosphere for locals, inviting them to revel in the Stomping Ground experience.

The centrepiece of the design is a mesmerizing full-height timber grid structure. Beyond its visual allure, this modular and exposed feature serves a dual purpose. Internally, it acts as a functional support for essential services like lighting, AV, brewery equipment, and beer pythons. Externally, the grid supports retractable roofs and translucent walls, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. The timber beams, all bolted for easy disassembly, can be repurposed at the end of the building’s lifespan, showcasing a commitment to sustainability.

The architects also carved out a separate function area, a space that exudes elegance and timelessness while maintaining flexibility. High ceilings, vertical pendants, feature arches, custom distressed paint, and a private bridal suite pay homage to the building’s origins, adding a unique touch to the overall design.

The beer hall staircase leads up onto a bridge above the brewery area. It links to the amenities area and offices and offers an elevated perspective of the beer hall as well as insight in the brewery area from atop. The u-shaped bar separates the beer hall from the beer garden and is one of the key and central elements of the space. The hero bar is clad in existing switchboards and the existing blue floor paint is also a nod to the warehouse aesthetic.

Every light fitting across the project has their own story. The lighting concept was designed to replicate the idea of a sunset beer session. All light fittings were tailored to have layers of optimised filters that replicate the natural colours of a sunset. In a commitment to sustainability and integration, the lighting designers, ambience took the extraordinary step of making a number of the light fixtures themselves including the refurbishment of original factory light fixtures.

The meticulous zoning considerations and integration of found items from the original factory contribute to the brewery’s character, offering a dynamic and evolving space. The connection between landscaping and the timber grid allows Stomping Ground Brewery to adapt over time, ensuring a lasting impact on the local community.

Studio Y + PlaceFormSpace’s design for Stomping Ground Brewery transcends traditional brewery architecture. It not only captures the essence of the original inner-city venue but also becomes a living, breathing entity that grows and evolves with the community it serves. In the midst of an industrial landscape, this architectural gem stands as a welcoming beacon, inviting all to partake in the spirit of Stomping Ground.

Images by Derek Swalwell via ArchDaily

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