Atlantis Flo-Tank

Atlantis Corporation is proud to introduce the Atlantis Flo-Tank®, a revolutionary underground water storage system designed to cater to a wide range of project needs. With its flexible design and limitless capacity, the Atlantis tank system is set to redefine water storage solutions for both residential and commercial installations.



Versatile Design

The Atlantis Flo-Tank® boasts unparalleled versatility, allowing for installation in various volumes, shapes, and depths to precisely meet the requirements of any project. Whether it’s stormwater, landscape, or roof areas, the entire project location can be utilised as a catchment area, providing ample water storage capacity tailored to specific needs.

Maximise Land Usage, Minimise Runoff

One of the standout features of the Atlantis Flo-Tank® is its ability to maximise land usage while minimiszing stormwater runoff. By efficiently utilising available space, this system ensures optimal functionality without compromising on environmental sustainability.

Flexible Applications

The Atlantis Flo-Tank® serves a multitude of purposes, including infiltration, detention, and rainwater harvesting (re-use). With its determinate volume and high infiltration capabilities, it’s a versatile solution for a wide range of water storage requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Quick Installation | Say goodbye to site access delays with the Atlantis tank system, which requires no cranes or lifting equipment for installation.
  • Lightweight and Modular | Easily create any shape and size to suit site requirements, thanks to the system’s modular design.
  • Maintenance Free | Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with pre-filtration that removes all debris and sediment, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Cost Effective | Save on excavation and disposal costs with reduced requirements compared to conventional soak wells, and enjoy cost-effective solutions compared to concrete and other systems.
  • High Infiltration | Benefit from a 95 percent void surface area, ensuring efficient water infiltration.
  • Easily Transportable | Whether it’s for remote areas or challenging terrains, the Atlantis tank system can be supplied unassembled for convenient transport.

With its unmatched flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability, the Atlantis Flo-Tank® is poised to revolutionise underground water storage solutions. Whether it’s for residential or commercial projects, this innovative system promises to meet water storage needs with ease and reliability.

For more information about the Atlantis Flo-Tank® and how it can elevate future projects, contact Atlantis Corporation today!

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Atlantis Flo-Tank

Atlantis Corporation is proud to introduce the Atlantis Flo-Tank®, a revolutionary underground water storage system designed to cater ...


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