Prefabricated panels green future for apartment construction

Developers are increasingly using prefabricated panels as a more eco-friendly way of building apartments and townhouses.

Built first in a factory using Tektoniks brand materials and specifications, the precision-cut panels are then transported to the site, cutting down on building waste.


While prefabricated homes have been on the market, the panel technology is still new and more complex for larger apartment and townhouse builds.

American company Bernswood has announced its third apartment project has been completed using the eco-fab panels in New Hampshire.

“The variety of developers incorporating our high performance building system into their design is what we’d hoped to see,” says Doug Reitmeyer, Project Development Manager at Bensonwood.

“The panels can accommodate a wide range of economic needs and designs. We have several more projects in development, including repeat projects with our building partners.”

The materials isolate carbon naturally and insulate with high-density cellulose made from recycled newspaper

Bernswood claims that manufacturing the panels off-site provides a higher level of precision and ensures that units are more tightly sealed and require less effort to cool or heat.

The process is also designed to eliminate the risks of mould, contamination or water damage as materials are not exposed to the elements during construction. It can also be faster and quieter than traditional construction methods.

Projects completed to date include a 16-unit townhouse property in Ithaca, New York, a 16-unit urban apartment complex and 10-unit key worker housing block both in Massachusetts.

They have so far been suited towards higher-end buyers but prices may drop down following increased adoption of the technology.

“We want to allow others…architects, builders, construction managers and even competitors…to take advantage of the efficiency and quality inherent in our off-site fabrication facilities,” says Tedd Benson, Founder of Bensonwood.

Image Bernswood

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