Latest Additions to Silestone® Collection by Cosentino®

Silestone® by Cosentino® introduces its two latest collections Le Chic and Urban Crush, two completely contrasting collections for sophisticated elegance and urban design styles low in silica yet high performance.



Urban Crush and Le Chic series rise with HybriQ+®, the exclusive and pioneering technology developed for Silestone® by Cosentino®. HybriQ+®, launched in 2020, is a qualitative leap in the evolution of the Silestone® brand. It is a new production process characterized by the company’s commitment to the environment, the circular economy, and sustainable management. With HybriQ+®, in addition to Cosentino’s environmental milestones, such as the use of 99 percent recycled water and 100 percent renewable electric energy in the production process, at least 20 percent of recycled raw materials are used in the manufacture of Silestone®.

Furthermore, HybriQ+® technology stands out for its new formulation in the composition of Silestone®, where the presence of crystalline silica is significantly reduced. In this way, the Le Chic and Urban Crush series have less than 40 percent crystalline silica in their composition.

Le Chic is a French term that means “chic” or “elegant” and is often used to describe a style of interior design that is sophisticated and stylish. Le chic style is about creating an atmosphere of sophistication and refinement, with a focus on an exotic surface, luxury, and timeless design.

This new Silestone® series redefines a timeless classic. A step forward in veined-patterned surfacing with six design proposals that offer the charm of Victorian and Parisian spaces, speaking to nostalgia with a modern yet timeless execution. Le Chic collection is an elegant and sophisticated offering at the intersection of fashion and design. The patterns feature expressive veins and metallic accents that stand out against neutral backdrops like cream or deep blues and blacks, obtaining designs full of depth.

The colours are Bohemian Flame, Versailles Ivory, Eclectic Pearl, Victorian Silver, Parisien Bleu, and Romantic Ash.

The second and unique industrial-styled surface of the Urban Crush series is a stunning interior design concept consisting of four colours, that are all about embracing the dynamic energy of city life. This interior design style is a celebration of the vibrant, bustling nature of urban environments, and it’s perfect for those who crave a home that is both stylish and functional. Spaces enriched by art and pop culture pieces, unique industrial lighting elements, and eye-catching furniture.

Bold and textured colours, remarkable patterns, and an eclectic mix of materials create a visually striking space that reflects the energy of the city. The Silestone® Urban Crush kitchen worktop becomes the focal point of the space. For those who have a creative soul and conscious mind.

A creative yet sustainable colour statement that takes the Silestone® brand to another level.

Colours are Concrete Pulse, Lime Delight, Brass Relish, and Cinder Craze. To view both collections and learn more about the Le Chic and Urban Crush ranges click here.

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