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Established in 2003, Austaron Surfaces has been a trusted supplier of quality surfaces and finishes to the building industry.

As dedicated partners of world-leading and innovative brands, we take immense pride in representing these products. The brands we stock are Staron Solid Surfaces, Mario Romano Walls, Acrylic Couture, Organoid Natural Surfaces, Kaynemaile RE8 Mesh, and Ettlin Lux®. Our selection of standout surfaces plays a pivotal role in creating stunning spaces for both interior and exterior applications, striking the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and high-performance functionality.

This versatile product range caters to various industry segments, including retail, healthcare, education, entertainment, food service, office fit-outs, and residential projects, among others.

About Staron Solid Surface

Staron Solid Surfaces® are not only attractive but also highly durable, making them a perfect fit for various applications in both the residential and commercial sectors. They serve as the ideal solution for benchtops and joinery, offering seamless surfaces with no open joins. By eliminating dirt-trapping crevices, these surfaces can extend seamlessly into integrated design details, including but not limited to Staron sinks and splashbacks.

As awareness grows among specifiers and end-users in the building industry about the harmfulness of products containing silica, sourcing silica-free products that are safe for those involved in manufacturing, installation, demolition, and disposal has become a top priority.

Manufactured from refined bauxite, impurities are removed to deliver a mineral that is free of silica. It is then blended with premium acrylic resin to deliver a high-quality solid surface.
Staron offers several advantages, including a non-porous, easily maintained, and seam-free hygienic surface. As a value-adding product, Staron is renewable and repairable, extending the life of applications and minimising landfill waste.

Staron Solid Surfaces is Group 1 Fire rated to AS5637.1(AUS) & Group 1s Fire Rated to C/VM2 (NZ) Australian certified under AS ISO 9705: Full scale room test.

About Mario Romano Walls

Adding three-dimensional texture to your project is as simple as selecting a design from any of the Mario Romano Walls (MR Walls) collection. Every panel is meticulously tailored to fit the unique size requirements of your project, ensuring a perfect fit.

Supplied as large format panels, they interconnect like a puzzle through the patented joining system, which conceals each join to create a seamless finished design. With non-repeating patterns available at a large scale, MR Walls offers a durable wall surface that requires no grouting or painting.

MR Walls creates a tactile and visual artwork that can be applied to walls and joinery, in addition it’s an excellent signage solution. Unaffected by water and an ideal exterior surface it is even suitable for outdoor cladding and swimming pool water features.

Created using Staron Solid Surfaces, MR Walls designs are available in a wide range of colours. Additionally, the panels can be backlit and curved for added visual appeal. You can select from MR Walls ready to use collection of designs or consult with us to create a custom design tailored to your specific preferences.

About Acrylic Couture

Acrylic Couture® is a stunning collection of acrylic glass panels, each showcasing hand-selected, premium-quality, and ethically sourced metallic fabrics, decorative particulates, and feathers. These exquisite elements are encased in crystal-clear, high-quality acrylic glass.

Manufactured in Italy, Acrylic Couture offers a standout feature for your project. The panels can be used as decorative applications on their own or serve as a foundation to create bespoke furniture, joinery, or feature light pendants, providing limitless design possibilities. Additionally, the material is UV-stable, ensuring its durability even under sunlight, and it is suitable for wet room applications, making it a versatile choice for various environments.

About Organoid® Natural Surfaces

With their natural aesthetics and impressive designs Organoid® Surfaces will make any room come alive. Manufactured using natural materials such as Alpine hay, flower petals and herbs to name a few, Organoid surfaces offer pure sensory pleasures. You can see it, feel it, and smell it.

Applied to different backing materials Organoid Natural Surfaces are well-suited for various interior design applications, including wallpapers, decorative veneers, acoustic elements, and flooring applications. The gentle production process preserves the properties of the natural materials, ensuring the surfaces authentic look, fragrance, and feel.

Organoid natural surfaces represent 100% sustainability, authenticity, and a close relationship with nature and untreated natural materials.

About Kaynemaile RE8™ Mesh

Manufactured in New Zealand, Kaynemaile® architectural mesh is a patented, world-leading innovation. This modern chainmail fabric consists of interlinked polycarbonate rings seamlessly formed to create a strong yet highly flexible mesh sheet. With unlimited design potential and high-performance attributes, Kaynemaile mesh is an ideal choice for interior partitions, ceiling features, and building exteriors.

The mesh is lightweight, weighing only 3kg per square meter, and screens can be custom-made to any height or width without the need for joins. Kaynemaile Mesh offers solar protection to buildings and serves as an excellent option for privacy screening. Additionally, in line with the company’s minimal waste philosophy, Kaynemaile mesh can be completely recycled at the end of its life.

About Ettlin Lux

ETTLIN LUX® is a worldwide unique and patented textile, which creates three-dimensional light lines from light sources positioned behind the fabric. This makes ETTLIN LUX a fascinating combination of textile and light design.

Manufactured in Germany, these exceptional textiles are tailored for lighting effects in interior design. ETTLIN LUX offers different lighting designs, and are available in combination with frame systems, mirror glass or as part of the Ambiloom ready-to-use collection of pendants and mirrors. The result is a truly eye-catching addition to various applications, ranging from residential interiors to office, retail, or hotel design.


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